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The Sea The Sea

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


While it wasn't bad, it wasn't good either. I can tell you have the talent to do great work, however, this was boring. How someone could say you have a good style is crazy. Its different, and not in a good way. I see way to many submissions here that should be given a spot on the front page, but instead are overshadowed by mediocre work like this. I'm not trying to make your work sound bad, its just not what I can tell your capable of doing. Your drawing capabilities are indeed great, and I think you could be one hell of a story writer. However, the atmosphere is terrible, and a bit confusing. I think it would be awesome if you tried to do and project that was entirely opposite of this, as far as story and vibe goes. I know I'm no pro, but I think by seeing this, I can tell you would be really good at something not nearly as dark as this. Like I said, I can tell you really do have talent. Don't think I'm being an asshole, cause I'm not. I just think if you took your work in the other direction, it would be really great. This is probably one of the longest reviews I've ever written, but its because I can tell your talent isn't being used to the fullest. Just so you know I'm not being an smart ass, I went ahead and gave this submission a 9, because I didn't want to lower your score in case I'm the only one who thinks you could do better. If this sounds confusing and repetitive, ITS LATE! I'M TIRED lol.

Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt4 Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt4

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You get a perfect 10! It was awesome. Dude, I dont know if the hunter was supposed to look funny, but when it first appeared, I laughed my ass off. It looked cool as hell and funny as hell at the same time. So if that was done on purpose, damn good job. Oh, and don't listen to that faaggoot, he dont know shit.

cyotecody555 responds:

haha thanks man
Yea i made that hunter buff as shit XD

Information Saves Lives Information Saves Lives

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was gr8!

It was:

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The Last Stand. The Last Stand.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Can he get a woo, woo.

Wow, this game was awesome. I'm really goin to take my time to review this, so I hope you like long reviews.
I'll start with the good. The graphics in this game were very well done. You don't see that many zombie variations in huge games like Resident Evil. The menus were done pretty well also. I really liked how the blood was done on each kill.
The sound FX fit well with the game. You were right on key with each weapons sound. Good Job!
Over all, this game rocks. it was cool as hell when the dogs or the fat people (Zombies) would come runnin and I'd get a head shot and they would go rollin on the ground.
Now for some suggestions on the next one. You might want to throw in some kind of mini game or something to get rid of the "I'm doing the same thing over and over feeling". Maybe something where it involves you finding the weapons during the day. I'm sure you could figure something out after making this game.
Another suggestion. Instead of using the WASD keys to move, you might want to make an option to use the arrow keys as well. Just my opinion. I don't like using WASD to move around.
For the next one, (There has to be another one!) can we get some kind of story, maybe an opening scene, a couple midway scenes, and an ending scene.
Those are just a couple suggestions. I'm not hate'in on your game, just making suggestions for the next one.
Overall, your game is great. Definitly one of the best ever on newgrounds. P.S. You may want to think about releasing one at Halloween time in the Newgrounds Halloween Contest and win yourself about $1,000.00 lol. You really could.

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Snake Classic Snake Classic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really great game.

The Key board is way better to use. The mouse sucks really bad, because you have to pay attention to the snake and the cursor. Great game. Good idea to put the option in there to use either one of the controls.

Bomb it Bomb it

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You done a awesome job............

This was done very well. I gave you a 5 on style due to the fact it was ripped off from Bomber Man. Other than that, you can't get much better, Also bomber man was one of my all time favorite games.

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The Purest of Winters The Purest of Winters

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You have some crazy talent. I am workin on my Christmas Flash Cartoon right now, and couldn't find the right music, but I just hit the jackpot. I know this is goin to be featured in a whole lot of games and cartoons this holiday season, and I just hope my flash does it justice. This is a truly unbelievable piece of work you have made. Keep up the great work.

P.S. I will make sure you are recognized for your work in my flash!!!!!!!!

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